Nature-inspired natural Cosmetics from Nature’s Secrets

Where Nature’s Secrets Came From

If you look at the boundless Indian Ocean, you will see a bright emerald island – the beautiful Sri Lanka.

The island enchants with its tropical greenery, astonishing variety of flora and fauna and stunning size of its tea plantations. The island has been cultivating the Hela Veda natural healing systems and natural Ayurvedic medicine developed by the ancient inhabitants for more than 5,000 years. Therefore, Sri Lanka has long been considered a treasure trove of health and natural treatments. Much of the knowledge about the healing properties of plants has been passed down from generation to generation, carefully documented by writing them down on palm leaves.

Not surprisingly, it was in Sri Lanka that the natural cosmetics Nature’s Secrets were born, which harmonizes so well with nature.

Cooperation between nature and science

The ingredients used in the production of our cosmetics come from a lovingly created and carefully maintained local private garden of medicinal plants. In this magical garden you can find more than 800 species of various medicinal plants with exceptional healing properties.

Will you say that a garden of medicinal herbs alone is not enough to make quality cosmetics? In order to make cosmetics as high-quality and efficient as possible, the manufacturer of Nature’s Secrets natural cosmetics is calling for help. In the magical garden, there is a plant research center that cleverly combines the ancient population’s documented knowledge of Hela Veda’s natural healing systems and natural Ayurvedic medicine with today’s scientific knowledge of plants and the application of their healing properties. The above-mentioned plant research center is constantly expanding its research in cooperation with local and international cutting-edge research institutes. All of these continuous research processes and constantly updated knowledge ensure the effectiveness of Nature’s Secrets products.

The technical side of production is not forgotten in the production of cosmetics. Nature’s Secrets has the most advanced and hygienic production equipment in Sri Lanka, in line with European Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and international requirements ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Cosmetics without cruelty

Nature’s Secrets, a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, relies on respect and compassion for any form of life and proudly declares that no animal has been harmed in the manufacturing process. Cosmetics are not and will never be tested on animals.

Unassuming care for the environment

Nature’s Secrets, a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, is constantly striving to protect the environment through a variety of conservation and sustainability practices. Showing unplayed concern, the manufacturer is proud to announce that it was the only one to receive a gold award at the National Green Awards in the cosmetics industry.

Sri Lanka’s top environmental awards:

  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Clean and ecological production processes,
  • Sustainable plant supply,
  • Ecological waste management,
  • Efficient water treatment and reuse,
  • Preservation of valuable plants,
  • Maintaining ecological balance.

Amazing opportunity

Once you get acquainted with the philosophy and values of Nature’s Secrets cosmetics production, you will probably not be surprised why we, the company NATURES, are determined to introduce this natural cosmetics from Sri Lanka to the Lithuanian market.

With the help of these cosmetics we want to convey love for nature and the human body.

Nature’s Secrets products are developed with respect for the knowledge of the ancient population, with the help of scientific knowledge, enveloped in great concern for the environment and compassion for animals.

Our products will help you feel genuine, unadulterated care for your body again.

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