A gift from nature

For thousands of years, nature has shown us its generosity, allowing us to discover and enjoy the myriad power of plants. It is the plants and their healing properties that have long helped man maintain good health and, of course, youth and beauty.

Use your imagination – a large meadow full of the most fragrant flowers and herbs. A person travels carefully around the meadow, squatting and sniffing the flower blossoms or touching the leaves of the herbs. Carefully pick a bluish-purple ring with a stalk and place it in a basket. Here is a ring that a person will bite with hot water and drink its decoction throughout the fall and winter to keep from getting sick during the cold season. This plant will soon get the name thyme.

Let’s move to a warmer geographical area – a person travels carefully through a dense tropical forest, ripe green. Here nature gives him a lot of sun, so his skin is always dry and burnt. The man stops, cuts the coconut and puts it in the basket. When he comes home, he will cut it in half, wash it, and lay it out under the scorching sun. After receiving the released oil, it will be applied to the whole body, thus moisturizing the skin and protecting it from the heating sun.

Of course, it was all a long time ago. Modern man no longer needs to worry about additional knowledge about plants and even more so to produce decoctions or cosmetics. And he would hardly have time for that, as he is going through perhaps the most dynamic period of human life.
Science, which is moving so fast, has allowed the cosmetics industry to develop products that are produced faster, allowing the desired result to be achieved in less time and at a lower cost. Of course, all this is very convenient, but I have to admit that nowadays cosmetics have become a mixture of various chemicals, unnatural fragrances and preservatives. Therefore, it is very gratifying that man has recently returned to natural cosmetics, the philosophy and production of which is based on the harmony shown by nature, its treasures and the wisdom and knowledge of ancient people.

Therefore, Natures, a supporter of natural cosmetics, invites a person to slow down the pace of life, turn back to nature, take a deep breath and enjoy its generosity.

Be healthy and beautiful by using only natural cosmetics for your body. Slowly inhale the real, natural scents of natural cosmetics and appreciate the positive long-term effects of natural cosmetics on your body and soul.

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