Elephants are part of Sri Lanka’s culture

Probably the most popular animals in Sri Lanka are elephants. There are about 7,500 wild elephants on the island today. They have always been and will be part of the culture of this island. These great animals are human companions, friends, and helpers who have been involved in the construction of cities and victorious battles. And even today, elephants do some of the hardest work.
Everyone who travels to Sri Lanka wants to see elephants and always asks “where can I see them?” The answer is simple – either in national parks (such as Yala or Udawalawe), or you can visit an elephant shelter in Pinavala with over 100 elephants. Newborn, abandoned, elderly or with health problems, elephants are cared for here. Those who come to Pinavel can pat the elephants, feed the little ones milk from a bottle and even bathe them, you can watch them play with each other and splash in the water. Well, if you’re lucky, you won’t have to drive to either the parks or the shelter, as you can see elephants in Sri Lanka just on the road, when early in the morning or in the evening, they cross the main roads returning home after a full day of searching for food. We were lucky and we watched these beauties on our way to Arugam Bay.
Only heartbreaking is the news that last year, wild elephants were recorded eating garbage from a landfill near their residential areas. Along with food debris, elephants ingest plastic and polyethylene waste, which slowly kills them. It is the duty of all of us to take care of nature, so every time we throw away the rubbish, we think about where we throw it.
We are proud to say that Nature’s Secrets contributes to nature conservation because our cosmetics are packaged in biodegradable packaging that does not pollute our environment. When sending orders to you, we use ecological boxes and water-soluble filler granules, which are made of biodegradable starch.

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