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NATURE’S SECRETS is the super power of natural ingredients from Sri Lanka.

The green wisdom of Ayurveda originated on the island of emerald greenery 5,000 years ago and is still practiced to this day, so the rich powers of nature are used not only in medicine but also in the practice of beauty rituals.

Science and nature were united on the island more than half a century ago by the Kumarasinghe family. The company she creates turns the gifts of nature into exclusive, bioactive, natural cosmetics.

Thus, NATURE’S SECRETS, inspired by millennia of body and soul beauty care traditions and using modern cosmetology technologies, has created natural, safe and effective cosmetics for professional use at home.

The main ingredients of NATURE’S SECRETS cosmetics are natural oils , extracts of plants grown in Sri Lanka with soothing, cleansing and moisturizing properties.

NATURE’S SECRETS “Natural” line is awarded by the International Association of Natural and Organic Cosmetics NaTrue certificate .  Ensures the impeccable quality of the company’s products ISO 9001 and 14001 quality management certificates . The company, which has won awards for sustainable and responsible production for nature, uses renewable natural resources, and strongly opposes animal testing. All herbal products used in cosmetics are grown on organic farms in Sri Lanka, the cosmetics are vegetarian and do not contain mineral oils, parabens or alcohol . The private research center set up by the manufacturer regularly carries out advanced scientific research into the properties of valuable plants.

NATURES is a project for people in love with the island of Sri Lanka, designed to make each of us feel the spirit and treasures of nature on this exotic island at home. The company is the only NATURE’S SECRETS cosmetics representative in the Baltics, working closely with a manufacturer in Sri Lanka to ensure that all products reach you exceptionally fresh.

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