How to quickly and effectively improve the condition of facial skin?

A face mask is an additional skin care product that should be used several times a week. It solves specific skin problems: removes excess fat, shrinks pores, moisturizes dry skin, brightens pigment spots. The mask improves the texture of the face, smoothes wrinkles and promotes skin regeneration. However, it is crucial to choose the right mask so as not to do more harm than good. Because, as an example, a face mask with retinol or fruit acids can severely irritate sensitive skin.
Today’s offer of face masks is very abundant – lubricating, sheet, bubble, peeling, magnetic and foaming. Today, let’s discuss perhaps the most traditional type of face mask – lubricated masks.
This is how lubricating, creamy, richly textured masks support and protect the lipid barrier of the skin. Therefore, they are especially suitable for cold weather. The mask is usually applied to clean facial skin, maintained for about 20 minutes and then cleansed with a tonic or rinsed with water. Remember that excess facial mask should always be wiped off, otherwise the mask may clog pores.
When choosing a mask you should always pay attention to its composition, loud ingredients such as gold or platinum can give only an instant complexion, but in the long run facial skin will be more grateful to you if you allow it to take useful ingredients from aloe, turmeric, coconut, flax semen and so on.

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