Facial tonic and its importance in skin care

Most likely, every woman uses a cleanser, face cream and eye cream in their daily facial skin care ritual. We all know the importance of cleansing the facial skin and nourishing it with the right cream. However, a great many women forget about the tonic, which, like a cleanser or cream, must be used daily.

It is wrong to equate a tonic with a facial cleanser or micellar water because it is not intended to cleanse the skin of the face. The purpose of the tonic is to revitalize the skin, prepare the skin for the use of other means, ie serum, cream. Moisturized skin will absorb the active ingredients better and moisturize its deeper layers.

The skin’s natural pH is 5.5-5.9, and the water can reach twice as much. It is important to know that any increase in the pH of the skin surface causes an excellent medium for bacteria to multiply.

And the tonic not only helps to moisturize the skin and restore its pH, but also tightens pores. And this is very important for those with more oily or combination facial skin. Also, although it is not intended for skin cleansing, it will still help remove any remaining dirt. Sometimes even very thorough cleaning of the facial skin leaves dirt. And they clog pores.

The tonic also helps dry skin, smoothes it, moisturizes it and helps the skin to regenerate faster. True, it is also important to choose the right type of facial tonic, as each has a different effect. A quality facial tonic should contain aloe, glycerin, vitamins and other beneficial substances that help revitalize facial skin and regulate its PH.

Facial tonic perfectly revitalizes and tones the facial skin. It is therefore recommended to use it both in the morning and in the evening.

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