Ayurvedic tea Samahan Natural

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A unique natural drink from Sri Lanka made from 14 medicinal plant extracts, 2007. Recognized as a Super Brand in this country. Useful for signs of colds, flu and tiredness, poor digestion and blood circulation.





Instant tea from Ayurvedic plants is especially suitable for the cold season because it warms up very well. Will appeal to lovers of spicy teas (dominated by pepper, ginger). Samahan tea is a pleasant-tasting warming drink suitable for the prevention of viral infections, especially suitable for the first signs of colds, flu or viral infections.

Samahan tea is a combination of 14 selected Ayurvedic herbs to help regain vitality and speed up recovery. Samahan is a natural tea to help with colds and various infections in the body. Works warmly. Tea powder can be poured into hot milk, your favorite tea or just mixed with water.

Samahan can be taken daily – it does not cause any side effects due to the natural plant components.

How to prepare: Dissolve the contents of 1 sachet in a glass of water or add to tea. Add milk or cream for a milder taste. If you want a spicy taste, add honey or lemon. The drink can be consumed chilled as a great herbal cocktail.

Ingredients: sugar cane, coriander, long pepper, black pepper, pine, ginger, cumin, small ear, low premina, poppy, horsetail, broadleaf, walnut, licorice.


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